Fat Burning Supplements

What are Fat Burner Supplements?

Fat Burner SupplementsFat burners, of course, are dietary supplements, generally in the form of pills or capsules, designed to enhance or increase the body’s rate of fat burning potential. These supplements have been proven to help people effectively shed those unwanted pounds.

Fat burners also increase metabolism rates in both men and women, helping to expedite fitness goals. There are countless fat burner products in the marketplace but despite the continuing growth of global popularity, selecting the right supplement can be a challenging and tedious task.

Fat burners are sold at GNC and other leading health stores across the nation. They are also everywhere online. Many of these products are also used and endorsed by fitness and health gurus.

In order to secure optimal results from fat burners, however, they must be a part of a sensible diet and exercise plan. The key behind the success of fat burners are their ability to minimize cravings. They also support fat loss by increasing vital energy levels and focus. This helps people lose more weight, while retaining muscle and strength. According to industry experts, choosing the right fat burner may require trial and error. Your physician, trainer, of nutritionist can also play instrumental roles when selecting the right brand or product.

What Are Common Ingredients Found in Fat Burners?

Fat burners usually entail several ingredients. While top selling and generic brands differ, most do have similar ingredients that help stimulate fat loss via increased metabolism. Whether for professional bodybuilding or daily fitness, green tea catechins can dramatically aid in the fat burning process. As a common ingredient found in fat burners green tea helps speed up metabolism rates, while decreasing body fat percentage. This is mainly due to Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a catechin, that is considered one of the most powerful fat oxidizing substances found in green tea.

Along with green tea catechins, caffeine is also a common ingredient founds in fat burning supplements. As a stimulant, caffeine increases mental focus. It also enhances any workout or fitness regimen, while elevating energy levels. This helps secure endurance, along with retaining muscle protein and shape while working out. As always, caffeine can help burn fat and calories, while increasing metabolism and even agility. Another common ingredient in fat burners is cissus quadrangularis, which is perfect for building lean mass and muscle.

What Are Common Side Effects of Fat Burner Supplements?

Like any diet or fitness supplement, there are side effects associated with fat burners. Some of the more common fat burner side effects include increased blood pressure and accelerated heartbeats. Since burners heat up the body and cause it to block or shed weight in an expedited manner, the heart and circulatory system tend to speed up as well. In fact, ephedrine is a common substance in fat burners that attribute to higher than normal burning and conversion rates. Still, fat burners are relatively safe to use and do deliver results within time and budget.

Fat burners side effects also include insomnia, which mainly stems from the high level of caffeine within these supplements and products. This may result in insufficient rest, along with a decrease in mental clarity and a slightly weakened immune system. While side effects and symptoms tend to vary, there really is no concrete proof that burners make the body more susceptible to common colds, viruses, and the flu.

According to health and fitness experts, taking vitamin supplements can help fill the void brought on by certain fat blockers and burners. Dehydration is perhaps the most common side effect people experience when taking fat burners. To counter dehydration, simply drink sufficient water and liquids to keep the body well hydrated and balanced.

Are Fat Burners Really Safe?

Despite the side effects some people experience, fat burners are thought of as relatively safe to use. In fact, many of them were FDA approved years ago. This, of course, after stringent lab and focus group tests under government or specific brand supervision.

Most fat burners have also received stellar reviews from customers and critics alike. In fact, over 48% of fat burner users saw significant weight loss and muscle enhancements within the first few weeks of usage. This, of course, is based on recent reports, which showed how fat burners correlated with daily fitness and weight loss programs.

In a nutshell, fat burning supplements are safe overall, and promise to deliver as advertised. If you are tired of feeling sluggish or battling weight issues and obesity, fat supplements will achieve your desired results. Before starting on any supplement, however, you must consult with your primary care physician first. Speaking with local trainers or even nutritional experts can also help you make a worthwhile and informed decision.

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Shakeology Greenberry


Shakeology is perhaps the most delicious protein shake on the planet. It provides a daily dose of dense nutrition at an affordable price. The Greenberry version has the added benefit of supporting the growth of healthy, lean muscle mass.

Designed to supplement a healthy diet, Shakeology is a suitable meal replacement, when prepared as instructed. When combined with good nutrition and exercise, Shakeology provides massive health benefits as well as an extraordinary weight loss tool.

Shakeology Benefits

Clinically proven to facilitate weight loss, lower cholesterol and decrease blood sugar levels, this efficient protein shake is the easiest way to feel healthier and happier. By delivering a full day’s nutrition in one serving, Shakeology helps to eradicate junk food cravings, improve digestion and regularity and will increase energy levels.

Just one Shakeology shake every day will help individuals achieve their weight goals. Shakeology is designed to improve the body’s performance and will support either weight loss or weight maintenance depending on how it is used. The shake system can be adapted to meet a wide range of health needs.

Shakeology products taste delicious and contain a large amount of healthy protein in every shake. These proteins produce a feeling of fullness and satiety. Increasing the intake of nutrients and proteins in the body will produce new energy, making workouts seem easier. The provision of protein-rich, nutrient-dense nourishment also helps improve every function of the body.

An improvement in efficiency helps the body function in a more holistic and effective manner, improving overall health and vitality. Shakeology helps the body respond more effectively to fitness programs, improves digestion and regularity and increases absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients in Shakeology

As a premium superfood shake, Shakeology ingredients number over 70. These ingredients include protein, superfood fruits and vegetables, algae and grasses. It also contains antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, prebiotics and probiotics and digestive enzymes. These ingredients are sourced from a variety of locations from Peru to the Himalayas. The protein and essential amino acids in each shake assist with muscle development, reduce food cravings, and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

The protein used in Shakeology products is specially selected to produce a highly bioavailable source of essential amino acids. As the building blocks of health, amino acids are the fuel needed by the body to grow. The Greenberry Shakeology shake is ideal for building and maintaining lean muscle mass as it includes whey protein isolate, an easily absorbable source of high-quality protein which supports the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

To improve digestion, regularity and nutrient absorption, Shakeology incorporates prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. The ingredients contained in each shake are beneficial to the digestive system and support a healthy intestinal tract. When used daily, the shake will increase the absorption of nutrients via the increased efficiency of the body’s waste processing systems. Prebiotics are natural components of certain plants that help support and encourage growth of probiotics, which are strains of live good bacteria that help with the overall digestive process. These ingredients combine to assist the body in absorbing nutrients and minerals, and maintain an overall balance while supporting the immune system.

Digestive enzymes further support the absorption of nutrients into the body by breaking food down into its individual components. Derived from sources such as pineapples and papayas, these enzymes aid absorption and supports the pre and probiotics in achieving their functions.

Shakeology uses adaptogens to help promote a strong immune system and increase energy. Adaptogens are special herbs that are sourced from harsh climates and conditions at high elevations where the oxygen in the air is thin. Adapting to harsh conditions has facilitated the development of highly concentrated nutrients in these plants.

These herbs contain highly concentrated nutrients that can help the body cope with stress, provide energy and maintain a strong immune system. Adaptogens help the body balance endocrine hormones and the immune system, protecting it from stress. Shakeology uses a total of nine adaptogens that is more than any other shake nutrient system on the market.

The shake system also includes antioxidants and phytonutrients, both of which assist the adaptogens in maintaining the immune system and support the neutralization of harmful free radicals. Antioxidants and phytonutrients can assist the body in decreasing inflammation and will potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases. Shakeology uses fruit and vegetable sources specifically chosen for their high concentration of phytonutrients.

In addition to the above categories of ingredients, Shakeology also includes 23 of the vitamins and minerals the body requires to function in optimal health. The shakes are specifically designed to ensure the body receives a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. Because it is easy to use, Shakeology is an excellent way to make up for dietary deficiencies.  The Greenberry Shakeology shake, in particular, includes vitamins that are difficult for the body to get enough of via other sources of food.

Shakeology is a shake system designed to supplement a healthy diet. As a quick and easy way to provide the body with the nutrients it requires, the system is highly efficient. Shakeology tastes amazing and is packed with the nutrients the body needs to satisfy cravings and produce new energy.

An effective nutrition system, this quality product contains a broad range of ingredients, each chosen to improve the way the body works and support optimal health. Shakeology also supports a range of weight goals, including weight loss, weight maintenance and the growth of muscle mass using this remarkable product.

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